cwS101 Ski Socks – Personalized socks插图
cwS101 Ski Socks – Personalized socks插图1
cwS101 Ski Socks – Personalized socks插图2
cwS101 Ski Socks – Personalized socks插图3
cwS101 Ski Socks – Personalized socks插图4

Type:Sports socks

Barrel height:High tube socks

Material for making socks:Cotton combing

Color:Grey blue, Grey black, Grey wine red, Grey green, Grey orange

Ski socks are a ski equipment that is easily overlooked, and its composition is greatly different from ordinary socks. Due to the use environment, ski socks have better warmth retention than ordinary socks. At the same time, the bottom of the ski socks has an exhaust groove, which can greatly increase the wicking performance of the socks, reduce the evaporation of sweat, and indirectly improve the warmth retention. In addition, ski socks also have an anti-wear layer, which reduces the friction between the soles of the feet and the ski shoes and prevents the feet from rubbing against the cheongsam. The support of ski socks is also one of the differences between other ordinary socks. It will woven a stable belt at the ankle to prevent damage to the ankle during strenuous exercise.


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